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Unfortunately we are not accepting any new clients for in-home (community) or in hospital

Do I need Foot Care?

Medical complications from diabetes and poor circulation can reduce blood flow and sensation to the feet as well as lead to fragile skin and brittle nails.


Additionally, anyone who has limited range of motion due to arthritis or joint injury or surgery, may find managing their own foot care difficult. These complications can put the individual at high risk for foot injury and should have a medical professional manage their foot care.


Foot Care Services

Regular foot care is necessary to monitor and maintain the health of your feet. The Devon Foot Care nurse will discuss with you the suggested care for your feet at your first visit and determine the frequency of visits required to maintain optimal foot health. On average, foot care sessions should be every 6 to 8 weeks.


Services provided by our qualified foot care nurses:

  • foot assessment

  • nail cutting and filing

  • corn and callus reduction

  • management of in grown nails

  • skin care

  • assessment and education on foot wear

  • specialized assessments & foot care for the high risk client (i.e. Diabetic)

Our nurses can visit you in the comfort of your own home or our nurses can

visit in resident long term care or independent facilities or in hospitals.

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