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Refresher workshop for advanced nursing foot care


This 3 – day workshop provides hands-on training in assessment, documentation and advanced foot care delivery to ‘actual’ patients and is taught by qualified and experienced Advanced Foot Care Nurses who currently all practice in the field.


What is included:

- One-on-one mentorship, personalized for your needs

- Certificate in continuing education in Foot Care Management is provided

- All instruments and supplies are provided



- Nurses must have training in advanced foot care (proof of certificate required)

- Active status as a LPN, RN, RPN or NP

- Uniform with closed toe shoes are required


Please email us or contact the office directly for more information or to register.

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Certification in Onyfix® nail correction system


In this online session, you will learn the theory behind the Onyfix® product and the evidence of its application to naturally correct ingrown/involuted nails. This exciting product can be effectively incorporated into your practice for better patient outcomes.

Additionally, you will also learn the theory on the PodoExpert® professional line of foams and lotions. This amazing product not only moisturizes the skin, but actually repairs it!
No other product can claim this patented and proven 2-step process!


- provide your nursing license or registration number and province you are registered in

- provide your aesthetic license number and a copy of your training certificate


Please email us or contact the office directly for more information or to register.

NEXT SESSION DATE:  one on one sessions are available - please contact us for additional information

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